Our Vision: Is to produce blockchain tech startups from Africa with ready and running products to meet their prospective investors.


Blompayas is a startup tech incubator designed to educate, seed, promote and accelerate early-stage technological innovative entrepreneurs building next-generation products in machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, asset tokenization and other innovative technologies using blockchain technology. This project is implemented using these platforms:
  • “MERIT-CHAIN”: An incentivized, Ethereum blockchain-based, tech startup incubation platform for Africans, designed for seed funding, blockchain education, startup support and ICO promotion.

  • A Blockchain startup incubation infrastructure with built-in resort and cryptocurrency museum which is designed to offer blockchain startups access to free resources like office space, wifi internet connections, steady electricity, lodging facilities and mentorships.This will help us take blockchain mainstream in Africa and will  also promote blockchain to the tourism industry when the incubator will start attracting TI researchers and other tourists.  


Despite the low literacy level in Africa which is about 35% compare to other developed countries. Yet Africans are still very viable in the technology industry transitioning from the margins to the mainstream of the global economy, technology could play more  significant role with the emergence of blockchain technology, ICO fundraising is quickly surpassing the amount VC’s are investing into blockchain companies. So far, $6.3 billion, ICO funding in the first quarter 2018 is now 118 percent of the total raised in 2017. As it stands, African startups are at slow pace in cashing up wit this innovation, which is due to no organization is currently working to support, guide, mentor, fund and accelerate the most promising startup projects to their own token launch.

Who is behind this project?

We are great team of well experienced individuals in our field of professions passionate about Africans development, together with our team of experienced and supportive advisors, who are also passionate about Africans’ growth and development, wherein individually, have resolved to join force to help young Africans benefit in this emergence technology by giving them a helping hand to gain strong reputation in the blockchain ecosystem.

What Does Blompayas Incubator Do?

This organization assist blockchain startups in Africa to achieve their project goals. During incubation; startups will be subjected to free blockchain education, Leadership and business management trainings which will be centered on how to leverage blockchain technology to create solutions that will be useful mainstream.

This incubator will also seed startups with a funding budget ranging from $1000 – $10,000 in PAYA token to a maximum of 500 (this is subject to change, based on our resources) portfolio projects annually, this will enable them to produce at least a beta version of their product, test-run it, while Blompayas finally promotes the startup ICO (Token sales).


The PAYA Tokens, apart from its usage to seed blockchain startups, will also be used as a method of payment for Blompayas resort services, along with fiat currency and other accepted cryptocurrencies.

Blompayas will offer 16,000,000 PAYA tokens will be offered to the public as follows: 1,000,000 PAYA for Airdrop/bounty and 15 000,000 PAYA for sale in two tiers to raise $5 000,000 hard cap: pre-ICO and ICO. On pre-ICO tokens will be sold with 40% discount.

The total number of announced tokens will be 80,000 000. Tokens will be frozen for sale for a period of 24 weeks from the date of issuance.

Type of tokens: PAYA is both Access and Utility token.



Revenues %

Token Holders  $500 +

 Holders  $100-$499

Holders Below $100

20% ICO promotion revenue. Distributed monthly as bonus.







60% Portfolio tokens airdrop




20% Royalty Funds revenue. Distributed annually as bonus.







20% resort revenue. Distributed monthly as bonus.







Token growth




VIP treatment when any visit Blompayas resort.







50% discount when ever any visit our resort and pay in token.








*70% of micro fee from “Merit-chain” is distributed to the project boosters according to stake by smart contract.


* 60% out of 10% of our portfolio tokens allocated to us will be distributed to all our ICO token holders.


*10% of our revenues will be used to buy back tokens on the market in order to increase its market value.


* 30% of the transaction fee on the Merit-chain platform will be burnt every half of the year by smart contract.





● Token pre-sale price: = USD $0.34 per PAYA token, with 40% off
● Token main sale price: = USD $ 0.85 per PAYA token
• Soft Cap: $150k
• Hard Cap: $5m
• No minimum purchase
• 100 ETH maximum purchase
Currency accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, SBD

Main ICO terms:

1st week Token purchase bonus: 20% extra coin
Referral program: Earn 10 PAYA extra for everyone you refer. This is applicable during airdrop, pre-sale and main sale.
AIRDROP AND PRE-ICO DATE: 2nd – 15th July, 2018. 14 days
MAIN ICO DATE: 16th August – 15th September, 2018 to last for 30 days if hard cap not reached
*Unsold tokens will be burnt by smart contract.


1. What is Blompayas?

Blompayas is a new startup tech incubator designed to seed, educate, promote and accelerate early-stage technological innovative entrepreneurs building next-generation products in machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and other innovative technologies using blockchain technology.

2. Who is behind Blompayas?

We are great team of well experienced individuals in our various fields of professions including blockchain technology, together with our team of experienced and supportive advisors.

3. Why an ICO?

An ICO actually presents a more effective and efficient way for global investment reach, its affordability, transparency provides investors and founders with massive investment opportunities and yield.

4. How many token available?

80,000 000

5. How do I get a token?

PAYA is an ERC20 token, so you will need a wallet compatible with such token, Such as metamask, MyEtherwallet, mist etc. You will choose from the accepted cryptocurrencies, send coin to the address provided, complete and submit form and the token will be distributed 2 weeks after ICO.

6. Why is there a cap for maximum purchases?

A lot of ICOs are ripe for manipulation due to large investors pump/ dump of the coins after purchasing with bonuses. Our cap is 100ETH.

7. What happened to unsold tokens?

They will be burnt by smart contract.

8. Will there be a bounty program

Yes, there is airdrop/bounty token reserve.

9. What makes your ICO difference?

We are purpose driving. We are experienced. We have great team from different part of Africa who are passionate about African blockchain startup acceleration, we also have experienced and supportive advisors also from different part of Africa joining to help us build this empowerment project.

10. What will the funds be used for?

It will be used for the project development, its operation, marketing, security and legal payments.

11. Who is not eligible to participate?

Unfortunately no residents of US, China, Singapore and others restricted by law are eligible for Blompayas token sale due to the latest SEC ruling.

12. When will the ICO start?

It will begin 16th August, 2018 a month after pre-sale and it will last for 30 days if the hard cap is not reached.

13. Will there be stages during the ICO?

Yes, there will be just a stage during the main ICO, in which 1st week investors will earn a bonus of 20% extra coin.

14. When will PAYA be in the exchange?

All information regarding exchanges will be released after the token sales.

15. Why are investors afraid of investing into ICOs?

There are different reasons ranging from some startups not being able to deliver as promised, lack of proper regulations that can impede scammers from taking advantage of the scheme. In addition to that, investors lose their money due to the fact that the company or organization was unprepared by giving high bonuses of (50+) and not having maximum purchasing cap, which encourage the whales to manipulate the price.

16. Will your raised funds be placed in the escrow?

No, due to various security risks associated with that. But will be using multisig wallets. 

17. What type of token is PAYA?

PAYA is both Utility and Access token.

18. Do you provide a share of profit or assets of the organization to the token holders?

Yes, we provide a share of profit to our token holders on certain investment conditions.


Concept Development, founders start exploring other incubators in Africa for idea conceptualization.

Time: 1st -2nd Q 2017

White Paper & Concept Validation with the release of the white paper and the resulting community feedback we have honed the concept and laid out the roadmap for Blompayas project.

Time: 3rd Q 2017-2nd Q 2018

Pre-Sale & Alpha Version of Merit-Chain on Ethereum network.

The Presale for the PAYA Token starts, Blompayas allows users to participate in the new distributed tech and tourism economy.

Amount (USD): 10K

Time: 3rd Q 2018

Blompayas Token Sale, the PAYA Token Sale is planned to launch from 16th Aug. till 15th Sept. or until the hard cap is reached. Blompayas will also release an early alpha release of the Merit-Chain before the launch of token sale. Meanwhile development of the Merit-Chain on Ethereum blockchain network continues.

Time: 3rd Q 2018

Team exploring Africa getting the right locations for installation of the blockchain startup incubator with built-in resort and cryptocurrency museum, starting from Nigeria and will be extended to other African countries based on government policies and community acceptance with 2yrs interval.

Amount (USD): 15K

Time: 4th Q 2018

Launching of the Merit-chain platform on Ethereum blockchain network and the smart contract deployment. This is global platform that will seed, support, educate, promote and accelerate African blockchain startups

Amount (USD): 60K

Time: 1st – 2nd Q 2019 

Setting up Blompayas startup Incubator Infrastructure with built-in Resort.

Amount (USD): 120k

Time: 2nd – 4th Q 2019

Development of Blompayas resort service carte du jour, a decentralized mobile application (Dapp) that displays blompayas resort service options for visitors picks and also allows them to pay in cryptocurrency. Our API will also be made available for partners to connect with.

Amount (USD): 70K

Time: 3rd – 4th Q 2019.

Project expansion to other African countries and continuous scaling of the merit-chain platform.

Time:  2021-