Unique Pots and Planters Ideas for home design

Eztfast.com – The concept of interior design and exterior are necessary in building or redecorating home. This conceptaims to make the appearance of the home, from the color and the division of space, can be fused with furniture, furniture in it. Currently, some homeowners like the concept of vegetation on the exterior of the house, one of them by applying unique pots and planters ideas for home design. Unique pots and planters ideas look cute to look forward minimalist and modern and classical depending on the model and types of plants used.

This idea is to decorate the exterior of the house in the form of plant pots and hanging just below the windows of houses facing out. The idea has generally rectangular box shaped, the width of the window. This application is the most suitable decoration for the facade of minimalist home that have two floors.Plants used for windows and a flower planter are more than one kind that creates an impression of freshand color ful for example a combination of red roses and yellow roses plus green folia gefora fuller impression. It is not only plants any pot can also be decorated, molded and painted with the appropriate color of flowers.

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