Opened Kitchen Shelves Designs

Opened Storage can provide a relaxing view on the kitchen. Besides, it also allows users in activism cooking. Therefore, the cooking is so much easier and convenient; you still have to pay attention to the overall look of the kitchen to keep it interesting and unsightly. Here are some variance model kitchen designs with open shelves which are stylish, neat, and pretty also functional.

Despite its irregular shape, the kitchen still looks neat and clean. The display is usually able to spoil the vision to anyone in the room. Together with a series of niches, this kitchen serves to place jars of various colorful spices.

In contrast to the previous kitchen, open shelves in the kitchen are more intended to lay down a variety of wine or coffee in your home. A dynamic view makes the food look artsy area.

In addition, you can add a display rack plastered on the wall that connects the kitchen and dining area. Inhabitants take advantage of shelves for displaying various trinkets glassware, books past, the candlestick, and some decorative vase as a fitting area to cook and eat area; this makes a second rack room appear connected.

Exposed brick walled kitchen can also be an idea for you, it has to keep the shape of the room setup simple and connected. By combining the cooking area as a place to wash dishes and serving food, the room concept is evident compact industrial.

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