Modern Bathroom Designs with Spa

It is undeniable that we are happy to spend a long time in the bathroom, especially the shower activity, body scrubs, and spa. For women, these activities can be very time consuming. Mostly, they want to look up in daily life, so they often spend a long time to clean up and take care of themselves overall.

Therefore, the existence of a highly functional bathroom as self care area is the discussion this time, it would be better if we maximize the function of the bathroom. The bathroom is not only functioned as a place to shower, but also as an area to care for themselves or a private spa. This time, we will discuss how the right steps to turn an ordinary modern bathroom design with spa area. Here’s the explanation.

To help us in the spa in the bathroom, sometimes we put scrubs, soaps, scrubs, moisturizers and other beauty products at the edge of the bathtub. This of course will look untidy and reduce the concentration you to calm down when put through the spa. To that end, provide a special container to place these beauty products, so its presence becomes more organized. Placing a candle near bath up. Candles are very instrumental in giving the appearance of the original spa. Whether it is used as a fragrance candle, lighting, or anything else, the existence of the candle remains crucial, especially in reinforcing the impression of the bathroom to make it look like a spa area in general. Place one or two candles and choose candles that are round, not candles turtleneck. You can plant it at the outskirts bath up or plant it in containers or small cups.

Despite being in an area that is wet and often in contact with water, you can still incorporate fabric or textile within decorating your bathroom. The decor in the form of textiles can be obtained through the selection of curtains, carpets, mats, or a thin curtain. It can give the room a soft impression. The curtains with floral or moroccan rugs can be a special decoration for a spa room.

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