Conversation Pits with Sunken Sitting Area

People love so much chit chat, making conversation with friends, colleagues and families. And we notice there are some designers that must be thinking this idea already by providing a special place to enjoy quality time with someone special. This is the reason why eztfast.com wants to share about sunken sitting area, the place where there is a sofa in it, which is circular and it is designed to increase the proximity of those who are gathered. You might be enjoy talking to each other, gossiping, drinking coffee while enjoying the warmth of the campfire, or just for rest to feel relaxation.

A conversation pit with sunken sitting area is used in family room. Of course, because you want to feel aesthetics of the design and the atmosphere, you can feel the intimate situation with your parents or family. This idea can be designed facing a television and fireplace or can also be directed revolve around a coffee table. You can mix the form by choosing a corner sofa shaped or circular shaped box to add a dynamic impression. If your room is a little bit small to use the sunken sitting area, you can enhance some sofas by designing a pit in the middle of the room and put the sofas in it in order to make lots of space more functional. This idea is also able to be designed not only indoor area but also outdoor area. It is shown in this website with some pictures that we have posted as an example for you to help you decorate your house.

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