Apartments with Monochromatic Color Schemes

Eztfast.com – An apartment is one of styles of people recently. 50% people stay at their apartments for their jobs in order to get near with their place. This is one of their considerations to have the apartments. Furthermore, this must be one of their styles because most of entertainers stay at their apartments. This is much considerable because some of the living room decoration uses black and white in most of the interior. It will be shown about the detail of the design with monochromatic color. There is a sofa, sofa bed in gray theme. This is combined with the color of cream fur rug on the wooden floor. When you open folded white curtains, you will find stunning city views toward the glass wall. Second, we see the dining room decor in black and white with a glossy white table details some wooden chairs surrounded by black. Green accents of several vases of flowers in the corner will give a feel of freshness as suggestions for your home interior. Modern black pendant lamp over the dining table wood makes perfect lighting scheme in this area. Then, creating a cozy living room with sofa black theme and showing wooden dining table is integrated with the kitchen table next to it. If you want to know more details apartment interior design with color schemes, you can check in the picture gallery below.

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